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Program search results
Program search results
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Various: USAC (Affiliate Provider) *Various *Various *Various
Various: ISA (Affiliate Provider) *Various *Various *Various
Various: Independent Programs *Various *Various *Various
Various: CEA (Affiliate Provider) *Various *Various *Various
Various: AIFS (Affiliate Provider) *Various *Various *Various
Various: Affiliate Provider Additional Plan *Various *Various *Various
Valle Gianni Field School Gradoli Italy Europe
Transcultural Nursing in Russia Vladimir Russia Europe
Transcultural Nursing in Panama Panama City Panama Central America
Transcultural Nursing in Brazil Londrina Brazil South America
Teaching and Learning in Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Asia
Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation in New Zealand Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Dunedin New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Queenstown New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Sport Comparison: Germany vs. America *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Bonn Germany Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Otztal Bahnhof Austria Europe
Spanish Conversation in Ávila Avila Spain Europe
Spain: Universidad de Deusto (CIDE) Bilbao Spain Europe
Spain: Universidad Antonio de Nebrija Madrid Spain Europe
South Korea: University of Seoul Seoul South Korea Asia
Shakespeare and Drama in England  *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
London England Europe
Stratford-upon-Avon England Europe
Scotland: University of Stirling International Summer School Stirling Scotland Europe
Physical Culture and Sport in Russia Moscow Russia Europe
Saint Petersburg Russia Europe
Vladimir Russia Europe
Performing Arts & Culture in Uganda Kampala Uganda Africa
Organizational Intercultural Communication Groningen Netherlands Europe
Netherlands: Hanze University Summer School Groningen Netherlands Europe
Netherlands: Hanze University Groningen Netherlands Europe
Mexico: Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM) Queretaro Mexico North America
Making Theatre in South Korea Incheon South Korea Asia
Seoul South Korea Asia
Literatures of Migration in Pre-Modern London London England Europe
Katie School of Insurance Internships *Various *Various *Various
Hamilton Bermuda North America
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
London England Europe
Zurich Switzerland Europe
Journalism and Identity in Panama Panama City Panama Central America
Journalism and Identity in Brazil Fortaleza Brazil Latin America
Japan: Nanzan University Nagoya Japan Asia
Japan: Kansai Gaidai University Summer Program Hirakata City Japan Asia
Japan Explorations *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Fukuoka Japan Asia
Hiraizumi Japan Asia
Hiroshima Japan Asia
Kesennuma Japan Asia
Kyoto Japan Asia
Mt. Fuji Japan Asia
Nagasaki Japan Asia
Osaka Japan Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
Ivy Collegiate Internship in Taiwan Taichung Taiwan Asia
Italy: Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) - Tuscania Tuscania Italy Europe
Italy: Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) - Florence Florence Italy Europe
ISU Music in the UK *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Edinburgh Scotland Europe
London England Europe
ISU in Orvieto Orvieto Italy Europe
ISU in Bologna Bologna Italy Europe
Ireland: University of Limerick Summer School Limerick Ireland Europe
Hungary: ESSCA - Budapest Budapest Hungary Europe
Honors Learning Experience in Barbados Bridgetown Barbados West Indies
France: Université Grenoble Alpes (CUEF) Grenoble France Europe
France: France Agro³ - École Supérieure d'Agriculture (ESA) Angers France Europe
France: ESSCA - Summer Travel Programs *Various *Various *Various
Angers France Europe
Brussels Belgium Europe
Paris France Europe
France: ESSCA - Paris  Paris France Europe
Fashion Industry Study Tour to Asia *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Seoul South Korea Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
Farm to Table Food Systems in Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Rosario Argentina South America
Family and Consumer Sciences in Italy Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Venice Italy Europe
Exploring Physical Education and Kinesiology in Poland *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Berlin Germany Europe
Krakow Poland Europe
Opole Poland Europe
Zakopane Poland Europe
Exploring Nutrition and Wellness in Kenya Mombasa Kenya Africa
Nairobi Kenya Africa
Nakuru Kenya Africa
Exploring Italian Culture and Healthy Lifestyle Factors Florence Italy Europe
Experiences in International Justice Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
Essence of Europe *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
London England Europe
Lucerne Switzerland Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Normandy France Europe
Paris France Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Venice Italy Europe
Environmental Justice in Guatemala Guatemala City Guatemala Central America
Education in Italy (TCH) Milan Italy Europe
Pavia Italy Europe
Education Immersion in Alcalá Alcala de Henares Spain Europe
Discover Resilient Romania Cluj-Napoca Romania Europe
Czech Republic: Anglo American University (AAU) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Cyprus: University of Nicosia Nicosia Cyprus Europe
Crime of Genocide and Justice in Europe *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination *Multi-Destination
Berlin Germany Europe
Krakow Poland Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Oswiecim Poland Europe
Costa Rica: Universidad Veritas San Jose Costa Rica Central America
Communication in Paris Paris France Europe
COB International Internships *Various *Various *Various
China: ESSCA - Shanghai Shanghai China Asia
Chile: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) Valparaiso Chile South America
Canada: Université Laval Quebec City Canada North America
Business and Cultural Experiences in Peru Aguas Calientes Peru South America
Lima Peru South America
Business and Cultural Experiences in Panama Panama City Panama Central America
Brighton England TCH Summer Brighton England Europe
Bilingual Pilgrimage to Panama Panama City Panama Central America
Austria: Salzburg College Salzburg Austria Europe
Art Education in Australia Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands